Saturday, December 16, 2006

Is NCAA selling ice cream to Eskimos?

Recently, Alumni from the University of Florida were in a feeding frenzy over tickets to the National Championship game against Ohio State. Florida responded by asking, "How much you Got?" Some disillusioned Gators were offering $15,000, their first born, and a whole lot more. All this commotion is being played out over a mythical national championship game. I wonder how much demand would there be for the Super Bowl if the combatants were decided by a bunch of coaches, sportswriters, also computer geeks. With all respects to Florida and Ohio State, we really don't know if these are the two best teams in college football; consider, there is no playoff. For all we know, hard charging LSU could have the best squad. Granted, I love the drama played out during the regular season. One lost, and you can almost kiss a national title run goodbye. Lets not pretend, however, this is the National Championship contest because its not decided on the field. The selection process, moreover, is dubious at best. In an association that sponsors playoffs for every other sport, the best the NCAA should do is acknowledge that the winner of the BCS is nothing more than -excuse the pun LSU- a paper Tiger.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Red Necks Want To Hang John Gruden

In Tampa, Fl, the red necks are calling for the head of Bucs' football coach, John Gruden. Despite winning the Super Bowl three years ago also the NFC South last season, the necks want Gruden's head on a silver platter. According to disgruntle fans, Gruden is supposed to be an offensive genius, however the Buccanneers rank last in the NFL in total offense. In Pittsburgh, the Bucs kicked a field goal with four seconds left to avoid a shutout. The organization will have another first round draft pick next year, but with the disappointing perfomances of running back, Cadillac Williams and receiver, Michale Clayton, there is no reason for optimism. Clayton's declined has been particulary hard to fathom. Two years ago, he caught over sixty passes; this season, however, he's dropped more balls than Boston's, Manny Ramirez. Both Williams and Clayton are Gruden picks. Tampa's poor drafts have coincided with the departure of player personel director, Tim Ruskell. Gruden and general manager, Bruce Allen, are making all the calls and its showing. Selecting players is a full time job, and the league is full of coaches who tried to do it by themselves. Seattle's Paul Holmgren, had to relinquish his GM duties when the Seahawks fell by the wayside. Gruden thinks he can locate prospects in the senior bowl, but there's more to it. Players have to be scouted game by game, and their backgrounds have to be checked out throughly. Former USC standout receiver, Mike Williams, is a case in point. After signing a multi million dollar contract, he became fat and lazy. Not unusual for players who are drafted in the first round. John Gruden should go back to coaching and the Bucs should get a new general manager who will be more than a yes man for Gruden. This is the only way to save a good football coach's neck.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Irvin, Better to be silent and thought a fool.

The African American male took another step back when Michael Irvin used his big mouth to utter more nonsense. According to the colorful ESPN analyst, Dallas Cowboy quarterback, Tony Romo, is good because somewhere in his genes is some good old black blood. In other words, the only good athletes are black ones. Immediately, it makes you wonder if all black men can do is play sports. African American men have been trying to avoid this degenerative stereotype for years, and now this Steppin Fetchin recreates it. If anything, Irvin should be glad that sports is becoming more integrated. For example, the reigning heavyweight champion of the world, Valdimir Klitscho, is white. In track and field, the Jamaicans are outrunning many American sprinters. The NBA is also becoming more diversified with an increasing number of Europeans. To suggest that one has to be black to excel at sports is ignorant. You wonder just how much a commitment the University of Miami has if its churning out dumb jocks like Irvin. King Solomon said, "Better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bonus Pick: Giants over Seahawks

This week in the NFL, the Giants travel to Seattle; the Jacksonville Jaguars are in Indianapolis; the Chicago Bears face the Vikings; the Bengals tackle the Steelers; the Bucs face the winless Panthers; and in the Big Easy, its the Falcons against the New Orleans Saints. First I'll handicape the Jaguars and the Colts. Despite home field advantage, I expect the Colts to lose to the Jaguars. Jacksonville will be to physical against the finess team like Indianapolis. Also, receiver, Matt Jones, is too big of a target for opposing defenses to contain, meanwhile Jacksonville's well balance offense will continue to outscore the opposition. The Colts will move the ball, but they should fall short by a field goal. Last week, the Vikings got luckey against the Panthers, but they'll be no such good fortune against the Bears. Like Jacksonville, the creme is coming to the top and in the NFC....its Da Bears! Even with Big Ben back in the lineup, the Cinncinatti Bengals have been anticipating this rematch. Cinncinatti believes they were only a cheap shot away from the Super Bowl. It was a viscious tackle by the Steelers that led to a season ending knee injury to quarterback, Carson Palmer. Expect the Bengals to extract payback Sunday. Meanwhile, the Carolina Panthers have to be chewing on their claws after turning the ball over and allowing the Vikings to tie the game. Minnesota won the game in overtime...The Panthers will get their first win on Sunday albeit it will be against perhaps the NFL's worst team: Tampa Bay. Lightning quick receiver, Steve Smith, should return and give the Panthers a boost. For the Bucs, it's an arduous task just to get into field goal terriorty, furtheremore, many NFL commentators believe Tampa's quarterback, Chris Simms, wouldn't start on a girl's flag football team. Take Carolina to cover. The Giants will be inspired by their come from behind win over the Eagles, and that should propel them to a win over the Seahawks. Although these are too excellent teams, the Giants would have won this game last year; but needless turnovers and penalties allowed Seattle to win. I look for the Giants to play smarter this time and win. Bonus Pick: The Saints will upset the Falcons.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Falcons over Tampa Bay Bucs

Another great week of college and pro football awaits with key games featuring the Florida Gators at Tennessee, the Nebraska Cornhuskers at USC, also Clemson at Florida State. In the National Football League, we'll closely examine statement games involving Tampa Bay at Atlanta; Chicago at Dallas, and the New York Football Giants at Philadelphia.
In Knoxville, I like the Gators over Tennessee. This is a must game for coach, Phil Fulmer's Vols, however Florida has too much talent. Quarterback, Chris Leak and receiver, Percy Harvin are a handful, furthermore the Gators defense - no pun - can put the clamps on anyone. Florida coach, Urban Myer, has this team hitting on all cylinders, so look for Florida to win by at least ten points. Nebraska carries the hopes and prayers of the Big Twelve against USC. This game won't turn into the typical S.C. bloodletting, and Southern Cal may be pressed to cover the spread. Nebraska could call upon its tradition and keep this thing close.
If you're smart stay away from the points in this one. In the Bowden Bowl, Florida State is really struggling offensively but its doubtful Clemson has
the horses to beat FSU in Tallahassee. Look for Seminoles to break out of their doldrums and win this game going away. Now for the National Football League: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers fell apart in their home opener against the Ravens. The Bucs will rebound in Atlanta and make this game close. But sharply contested games only count in horseshoes and quarterback, Mike Vick, has too much to prove to allow this game to get away. The Falcons will win a nail bitter that could go into overtime; therefore avoid taking the points. Take the Falcons to win the game outright...The Cowboys, cocky safety, Roy Williams, has guaranteed a Cowboys victory over "DA Bears!" Perhaps, Williams remembers Carolina's, Steve Smith, shredding the Bears secondary in last year's playoff game. You know, Roy Williams, is right...the Cowboys will win because Terrell Owens also Terry Glenn, will roam free in secondary while Dallas lights up the scoreboard. Take the Cowboys to cover. In conclusion, I like the Giants to rebound in Philly, and the Minnesota Vikings to beat the Carolina Panthers. Last week, I went 5-1 with my picks. Are you keeping score.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Rays Prospects Are In Prison.

So the Tampa Bay Devil Rays' Durham Bulls minor league team has turned into the latest version of Animal Farm? Recently some of their so called prized prospects lashed out at the Devil Rays for not bringing them up. Third baseman, B.J. Upton, catcher, Elijah Dukes, also outfielder, Delmon Young, condemned the organization for not promoting them to the big leagues. In a bit of irony, these colts aren't the first to hammer the Rays for neglect. When slugger, Johnny Comes, came up, he was sent right back down despite six home runs in 15 contest. Gomes' parting shot, "What do I have to prove down here?" Devil Ray manager, Joe Madden, censured the players for speaking out, but how does one justify what Tampa Bay is doing. For example, Delmon Young is batting .368 in triple A, that almost translates into a .300 average in the majors. ESPN baseball analyst, Peter Gammons, said Young was a franchise player. So how do you explain keeping him on farm rather than honing his skills against major league pitching. To quote Gomes, "What do I have to prove down here?" Madden, meanwhile, is playing utility reserve, Greg Norton, who is batting .228. Shouldn't he be considered for re-assignment and Young promoted. Does Rays management think these young studs aren't reading the line scores of the men ahead of them.
Young, Dukes, also Upton, have imploded at times: consider, Young flipped his bat at umpire for alledgedly making a bad call. Upton was cited for drunk driving, Dukes has been suspended several times for bad behavior. Good minor league players are anxious to be called up; consequently, the farm systems is a form of prison. The players routinely travel by bus, play in inadequate facilities, furthermore there are no professional role models for mentoring. Low budget teams like the Devil Rays deliberately keep their best prospects in triple A to deny them an early chance at free agency. If the minor leagues are considered a prison, then Young, Upton, and Dukes have every right to voice their concern over a sentence that denies them a chance at parole.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Tampa Bay Devil Rays are in DIS-AA-RAY

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays are considering changing their nickname: here's a suggestion, how about naming the team, "DIS-AA-RAYS." Mired in a state of perpetual confusion, this downtrodden team can't get turned around. First, genius Andrew Friedman trades strong armed catcher, Toby Hall, for highly coveted, Dioner Navarro; As usual, he was only wanted by the D-Rays. The problem is, Navarro can't throw out a toddler, and every major league team realizes it; so they run on Navarro all day long. When trade rumors surfaced last year regarding, Aubrey Huff. Outfielder, Carl Crawford spoke up, "Its only going to make us worst." Yet the Rays traded their best hitter, so B.J. Upton can move up to the big leagues. Problem is, Upton also has defensive shortcomings. Crawford, more than anything, was addressing team chemistry. What does it say to your veterans when you refused to resign your best player?
Friedman, meanwhile, says the organization wants to compete by the year 2008, however commissioner, Bud Selig replied, "Teams that are rebuilding always seem to be under construction, but winning clubs stay in title contention." Two years from now, Tampa Bay would have made significant gains by reaching .500, but that's hardly competitive in the Big East. Perhaps one answer is outfielder, Delmon Young, but he languishes on the farm. As with most of their young guns, the front office doesn't want its premium players getting to free agency quickly. Winning organizations like the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, and Chicago White Sox realize the future is now. Perhaps, the management should also look back on an old adage: you get what you pay for and in Tampa Bay that's a lot of DIS-AA-RAYS.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

For Devil Rays: Madden Should Be One Night Stand

Not to sound risque, but the Tampa Bay Devil Rays should make manager, Joe Madden, a one night stand. With a record of 35-47, the Rays are heading towards another season of 90 or more losses. Madden justifies the log by pointing to all the injuries sustain by starters, Jorge Cantu, Rocco Baldelli, Aubrey Huff, also Julio Logo. Nevertheless with his roster in tack, Madden continues to rest his starters while playing reserves, Tomas Perez, Damon Hollins, and Greg Norton . Perez is batting .174 and shouldn't even be in the major leagues. Hollins, meanwhile, is a some-what reliable reserve but nothing more. Norton is wasting a roster spot which should be given to outfielder, Delmon Young. When the Rays hired Madden, the organization was under the impression the team would imitate the aggressive base running style of mentor, Mike Scioscia, but the Rays predictably bunt with runners on first, and they rarely execute the hit and run. To make matters worse, the Rays organization continues to leave its best players on the farm. Young should have been brought up from triple AAA last year after deservingly hitting over .300. He was left to sulk at Durham which led to him getting a fifty game suspension for throwing a bat at an umpire. Young should have promoted so he can learn from major league role models rather than men he doesn't perceive as equals. The Florida Marlins promoted most of their prospects, and the team is far more competitive than the Rays. Last year, former manager, Lou Pinella, inspired Tampa Bay to go balls out after the All Star break. The club responded by playing over 500 baseball that translated into 72-wins. With a healthy Baldelli and more experience players, the Devil Rays will be hard pressed to improve on last year's mediocre performance.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Stanley Never Loses Its Luster

With all respects to the coveted Vince Lombardi trophy, it will someday sit in an owner's closet collecting dust, the NBA's Larry O'Brian, trophy will one day become someone's door stop, but the Stanley Cup will never lose its luster. Perhaps that explains why the game Edmonton Oilers with nary a sharpshooter mucked and grimed their way to a virtual standoff with the talented Carolina Hurricanes. Time and Time again, Edmonton's, Ryan Smith, blew past the Carolina defense blinding passing pucks as if Yarri Kurri or Glen Anderson would blast it past the goalie, but these were the Oilers of Ryan Dvorak, Mike Pecca, and Raffi Torres....a group that clearly reminisent of the "Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight." The Oilers blasted just as many shots wide of the net as they put on goal, and that was the difference in an exciting Stanely Cup Final. Despite Edmonton's lack of talent, they were inspired by an opportunity for immortality by having their names inscribed on Lord's Stanley's Cup. For Hurricane captain, Rod Brind'Amour and Mark Kaberly, it means years from now they can take thier grandkids to the Hockey Hall and Fame and survey all the names until they scan the Carolina Hurricanes 2006 roster. They will live into the future in name only as the artifact travels the globe with curious children inspecting the signatures of Terry Sawchuk, Ted Green, Jean Belivue, Lester Patrick, Gump Worsley, Henri Richard and of course all those Hurricanes. It was this fleeting opportunity for etenal life that prodded the Oilers to leave everything on the ice, but in the end, it was the stiffiling goaltending of rookie, Cam Ward, that closed the door. He became joined, Philadelphia's, Ron Hextall, Montreal, Patrick Roy, also Montreal's, Ken Dryden, as the only rookies to win the Conn Smyth trophy as the Stanley Cup's Most Valuable Player. So the Carolina Hurricanes reap the whirlwind by becoming the second southeastern conference team to win the Stanley Cup. Somewhere in Hartford, CN, they're celebrating.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Does NFL Stand For Negro Football League?

Amist the clamor over the World Cup, a startling statistic comes to mind. More than 80% of the players in the National Football League are African American. A fact not lost on coaches at St. Pete Catholic caught violating FHSAA rules by recruiting athletes from the St. Pete Green all black inner city football team.
Yet as more white males refuse to allow their masculinity to be defined by bulging muscles and a thick neck, growing economic independence for black males may translate into more skate boards, surf boards, and soccer balls. Especially since mothers are demanding their sons get in touch with their feminine side. For example, it's okay now for boys to cry, and they do. It's okay now for boys to wear pink shirts, and they do. The old stereotype of earning your manhood in the muddy trenches of high school football are declining. Just ask any football coach struggling to field a 40-man squad. Consider five years ago, soccer star, Mia Hamm, hosted a clinic that was sold out in three hours; meanwhile, All pro linebacker, Junior Seau, couldn't believe only 40-boys showed up for his annual football camp. Furthermore 20-sesons ago, 180 colleges had football teams, but high insurance cost reduced that number by eighty.
To make matters worse, a time honored football tradition, "Monday Night Football" was dropped by ABC due to diminishing ratings also exhorbiant production cost. On the flip side
from 1998 to 2002, the television audience for the World Cup increased 52%; a fact not lost on ABC/ESPN which paid over $100-million for the broadcast rights to this year's spectacle. At least half of the audience is now female; not surprising since one third of girls play soccer translating into a built in fan base for the international soccer federation. Football, unfortunately, gets no cross from girls who shy away from the bone crushing contact sport. Football may have maxed out with males, however a growing tide of immigration, ensures soccer's growth in this country. The NFL may soon face the same problem of baseball. In the 40's, 50's, and 60's, little league baseball produced Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Bob Gibson, also Ernie Banks. Each one a Hall of Fame African American major leaguer. Now the big leagues are looking at affirmative action to recruit black baseball players. Finally, as Americans redefine masculinity, African American males may soon follow their white counterparts into coed soccer. Just watching the girls, may convince boys to trade in their remote control video games for a pink soccer jersey.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

World Cup: Don't Bet the Brazilians

Despite a wealth of talent, Brazil faces an uphill climb towards an unprecedented 6th World Cup. No other team boast a squad featuring Roldodino, Ronaldo, and Cafu, but for all their offensive firepower, the Brazilians are backed up by an aging defense. This could bode some problems especially when they face the younger eager African squads. From Rio to the Amazon, the soccer power is expecting nothing less than perfection, and this team is accustomed to the pressure; however, there is an extremely big target on the back of those yellow jerseys; therefore, expect each opponent to try and make a name by beating the cagey South Americans. In this tournament, I think Brazil will be ousted in the second round. The United States, meanwhile, could be the sleeper. The young team advance to the quarterfinals four years ago before losing to the South Koreans. The Americans, nevertheless, are more tournament savvy, have good leadership, plus stellar goaltending. The USA is slowly cultivating a core group of outstanding soccer players who could step up and shock the world. I'm looking for the USA to reach the semi finals. In the end, the host nation, Germany will hoist the World Cup. With all the scandals rocking European officiating, don't bet against it.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hurricanes Are A Real Natural Disaster

Its been a long time since hockey has staged a Stanley Cup semi-final with more excitement than the Carolina Hurricanes and the Buffalo Sabers. After so many years of intolerable clutching and grabbing, the NHL went back to the drawing board and outlined a new game full of animation, emotion, as well as thrills. With end to end action, the series showcased earth shattering body checks, miraculous goaltending, plus all star playmaking. It was everything ice hockey was intended to be for only hockey combines the grace of ballet with the danger of stock car racing. For seven games, Buffalo weathered the storm until 8:03 of the third period. That's when Carolina's Mr. Everything, Ron Brinamour, sneaked in front of goaltender, Ryan Miller, and slammed home a rebound for a 3-2 lead; Carolina's, Cam Ward, finally quieted all the saber rattling with his own stellar goaltending. Against Buffalo, Brindamour became the eye of the storm by winning face offs, scoring two game winning goals, and inspiring his teammates with a fiery pre game speech. Before the game, the fiesty veteran admonished his teammates to throw all caution to the wind. In the end, the Canes were a storm that never lost its intensity; but now a real man made disaster looms in the form of an oil slick cascading down from Edmonton. If the Hurricanes slip and slide, rest assure Ron Brindemour will be there to catch them.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

L.A. Says Yes to NFL.

The National Football League is finally about to return to Los Angeles. All I can say is, "What took you so long." Since 1996, the greater Los Angeles area - known as the southland - has been without a NFL team. In a bit of irony, the Rams and Raiders moved at the same time. Looking back, the Cleveland Rams relocated to Los Angeles in 1950 winning the NFL title in 1951. Twenty years later, Baltimore Colts' owner, Caroll Rosenbloom, traded franchises with the Rams, Dan Reeves. Roosenbloom took the Rams and the team won nine consecutive divisional crowns including one conference championship and a trip to the Super Bowl; however the Rams lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Tragically, Rosenbloom drowned off the Florida coast and a nasty fight over ownership ensued between Rosenblooom's wife, Georgia, also his son, Steve. Georgia won moving the team from the ghetto like atmosphere of South Central to the cool, relaxing, lilly white confines of Anaheim, CA. As the only female owner in the NFL, Georgia couldn't believe her eyes when homely St. Louis offered 25-million dollars to leave plush Beverly Hills. Georgia accepted, but now what does she think about a new Los Angeles franchise being worth a cool $800-million. Meanwhile, the Oakland Raiders left the Bay area and moved to Los Angeles winning a world title in 1984. But when the city of Oakland offered Davis $10-million, he backed out of an agreement for a new stadium in Inglewood, CA and headed back to Oakland...A move he probably regrets. In Southern California, the NFL has two alternatives: a refurbished Memorial Colisuem or a 53-acre lot to build their own state of the art facility next to Anaheim stadium. A mile from Disneyland. Unfortunately for Los Angeles, former owner, Art Modell, described the Colisuem by saying, "Why would you waste a new dress on an old hooker?" Although city council members want to revitalize downtown, it would appear the stodgy NFL owners would rather be within ear shot of Disneyland rather than worrying about their hubcaps being stolen in rowdy South central. As for a team, the timing couldn't be better for the Chargers. Their lease with San Diego expires in 2010; a time when both stadiums could be up and running. New Orleans, meanwhile, has yet to be rebuilt, therefore its doubtful the Saints can hang around much longer. Jacksonville, FL does not have the economic vitality to remain a premier NFL town. So anyone of these clubs could be heading west.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Is This The End Of Superman?

Is this the end of Superman? Judging by last night's pitiful performance Shaquile O'Neal is no longer faster than a speeding bullet, nor able to leap tall building at a single bound; For most of his career, Shaq billed himself as the man of steel, but last night, the New Jersey Nets turned him into liquid metal. Shaq could barely get up and down the floor as Jason Kid, Vince Coleman, and Reggie Jefferson ran O'Neal into exhaustion. In the past, Shaq has been a battering ram. Who can forget the carnage reaped on former 76er center, Ditembe Mutombo. After battling Shaq in the paint, Mutombo emerged looking like he had been run over by a diesel. But has the diesel finally run out of gas? One of the game's greatest centers labors up and down the court like a junk truck struggling to get out of its own way. Every now and then, he finds the open road to his liking and cruises to the occasional dominating performance, however those days are now far and few. Now, the Heat prays the old clunker can get them home one more time without the benefit of a costly tow. For coach, Pat Riley, and star guard, Dwayne Wade, the tail pipe is smoking, the old girl is burning oil, and Shaq's great run is finally coming to an end.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Kobe, "You're No Michael Jordan."

To paraphrase the late senator, Lloyd Benson, "I knew Michael Jordan, he was a friend of mine , and son you're no Michael Jordan." Although Benson said those words to vice president, Dan Quayle, the comment rings true today after surveying Saturday's wreckage of the Los Angeles Lakers. Their main conduit, Kobe Bryant, could not elevate his game nor his teammates to victory. Although Bryant has scored 80-points this season followed by six games of 50 or more, he burned out against the Sun's with 24-points . Even if he scored 100, it may not have been enough to stop the Suns from lighting up the scoreboard. Kobe looked out of place inciting the raucous Phoenix crowd to boo him. Unlike Michael, he could not back it up with timely defense or outer worldly shooting. This is what separates Jordan from all the wannabes including Lebron James. Jordan took a rag tag group of players and almost single handily whipped the opposition. Despite his scoring powress, Bryant was outclassed by
the Suns, Leandro Barbosa, 26 points, Boris Diaw, 21, Raja Bell 13, and Steve Nash, 13. Together, they trumped Kobe who only scored one basket in the second half. Kobe Bryant has always assumed that he was the heir apparent to Air Jordan, but Bryant has yet to win a title since Shaquile O'Neal's departure for Miami. Remarkably, Jordan won six NBA titles without a real big man. Unlike Shaq, former Bulls, Bill Carthwright and Luc Longley, will never get close to Hall of Fame consideration. In a bit of irony, Bryant was asked about his war of words with pesky Sun's defender, Raja Bell. Bryant dismissed him by saying, "He can't guard me and I got bigger fish to fry." After game 7, Bell was asked about defending Kobe Bryant, Bell replied, "Huh, I got bigger fish to fry."

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Cash Strapped Penguins Looking Like Fat Cats.

In Pittsburgh, the rich are getting richer. After signing the next Gretzky, Sidney Crosby, the Penguins are preparing to ink the next Mario Lemiux: Russian , Evgini Malkin. Many scouts are already foaming at the mouth over a player many concede is the best outside the National Hockey League: meaning, Malkin is the best player in the world bar none. The Pens must be doing some serious scouting because they have his draft rights. Pittsburgh also own the rights to the sensational, Alexander Ovechin, however they couldn't afford him. consequently Ovechin signed with the Washington Capitals. He ended the season with 52 goals and 106 points. Malkin's Russian club, Metallug, is seeking a major buyout from the financially strapped Pens. The Russians want $900,000 for his contract possibly more. Malkin, however, wants out now and maybe willing to sign for less, but the Russians say they are calling the shots. If the Penguins can pare Malkin with Crosby, it would look like the reincarnation of Mario Lemiuex and Jamir Jagar. A scoring tandem that led the Penguins to consecutive Stanley Cups. With so many talented European hockey players wanting to test their skills in the NHL, the league could experience an era similar to the good old days. A time when Gordie Howe, Jean Belivue, Bobby Hull, and Bobby Orr made hockey the greatest game on ice.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Duke Rape: Can Hookers Sue?

Are you kidding me; according to police, the accuser in the Duke rape case
was alledgely stew drunk when she claimed to have been sexually assaulted. The woman, an African American, was paid $400.00 to strip at a party hosted by the Duke Lacrosse team. However, police reports reveal she had passed out when they arrived to investigate her assault allegation, moreover other witnesses in the hood said they saw the woman drunk and socializing with the players following the time she contends to have been raped. The woman showed up at the house of the players at 11:30pm. Witnesses confirm she left with another stripper but returned when the boys apologized for abererent behavior. After that, it becomes a he said, she said; nevertheless if she was soaked, how much stock can you put in her testimony. Imagine asking a drunk driver, "What do you remember about the hit and run?" If you can rely on their judgment, they wouldn't be drinking and driving. How many people pass out from inebriation and clearly remember what happened the next day. The woman, furthermore, is a stripper, what did she expect to happen standing in front of 27 teenagers in a see through negligee. Of course, that does not justify a rape, but its hardly proof one occurred. Can a stripper or hooker play the rape card? Not without believing this woman was sober enough to realized a rich daddy is going to leave a tip.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Would You Take Batting Tips From This Man?

Outside the Seminole Recreation Center, a sign advertises batting instruction from the California Angels, Casey Kotchman. Remember him? The left handed hitting marvel who led Seminole High School to the 2000 state championship. For his efforts, Kotchman was named Florida's Mr. Baseball. In limited duty last year, the 23-year old batted a respectable .278 with 7 home runs and 22 RBI. This year during spring training, the Angels shopped Darin Erstad around after Kotchman hit .421 with 3 taters also 15 RBI. But that was then, and this is now. Currently, the Angels have benched Kotchman for being hitless in 14 consecutive at bats, furthermore he's only 8 for 55 this season; on top of that, his 155 at bats have only translated into a .210 on base percentage with zero home runs also 5 RBI in 19 games. By now, the Angels were hopeful the first round draft choice would add more lumber to the lineup, but it may be just a matter of time before Los Angeles sends the Seminole native back to the minors to find his stroke. In a bit of irony, Kotchman hit three home runs against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays last year. Perhaps, he better hope the Rays come around soon before Angels manager, Mike Scioscia, takes the halo away.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Kobe or Michael?

Is it not blasphemy to compare the Laker's, Kobe Bryant, to the legendary Michael Jordan?

After scoring 81 points then dropping 51 twice this year, the inevitable analogies between Jordan and Bryant are being made; but this time, the talk isn't heedless. Although Bryant is every bit of Jordan's equal offensively, Bryant's defense does not yet measure up; Now by no means is Kobe a slouch defensively.

Jordan, however, set the standard with timely steals, rebounds, also tenacious ball hawking. In all fairness to Kobe, Jordan played in a era minus scoring grayhounds like Tracy McGrady, Allan Iverson, Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Duane Wade, and Steve Nash...Anyone of whom can torch the most ardent defender. Jordan contemporaries were Reggie Miller, an aging Magic Johnson, also Clyde Drexler. None these guys possess the consistent scoring touch of today's modern gunners. Consequently, Bryant's 50 could be yesterday's news when Lebron tallies 55.

While Kobe relishes the comparisons to Michael Jordan, Bryant will have to do something only Michael could do: win a championship with an obviously inferior team. Without Shaq, Kobe now has that opportunity, otherwise, he'll just be remembered as another dominant shooting guard.