Friday, April 28, 2006

Duke Rape: Can Hookers Sue?

Are you kidding me; according to police, the accuser in the Duke rape case
was alledgely stew drunk when she claimed to have been sexually assaulted. The woman, an African American, was paid $400.00 to strip at a party hosted by the Duke Lacrosse team. However, police reports reveal she had passed out when they arrived to investigate her assault allegation, moreover other witnesses in the hood said they saw the woman drunk and socializing with the players following the time she contends to have been raped. The woman showed up at the house of the players at 11:30pm. Witnesses confirm she left with another stripper but returned when the boys apologized for abererent behavior. After that, it becomes a he said, she said; nevertheless if she was soaked, how much stock can you put in her testimony. Imagine asking a drunk driver, "What do you remember about the hit and run?" If you can rely on their judgment, they wouldn't be drinking and driving. How many people pass out from inebriation and clearly remember what happened the next day. The woman, furthermore, is a stripper, what did she expect to happen standing in front of 27 teenagers in a see through negligee. Of course, that does not justify a rape, but its hardly proof one occurred. Can a stripper or hooker play the rape card? Not without believing this woman was sober enough to realized a rich daddy is going to leave a tip.

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