Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Is Kobe Screwed?

As for accusations of rape, I don't know if Kobe sexually assaulted the woman in Colorado, but I do know he's getting screwed by the Los Angeles Lakers. Talk about being pissed off, Bryant lost it when the Los Angeles Times quoted a Laker insider: evidently, this source blamed Bryant for the Lakers reluctance to extend Oneal's contract. On his website, Kobe said he had absolutely nothing to do with owner, Jerry Buss', decision to resign Oneal. According to Bryant, Buss said Shaq was neither fit, healthy, nor willing to hustle 82 games. More importantly, Kobe said he only agreed to re-up with the Lakers because Buss told him Los Angeles wasn't going to rebuild; instead, they were going to acquire top free agents and contend for the title. Current players, Kawnme Brown, Lamar Odom, and Luke Walton are far from being premiere NBA players. Bryant, furthermore, could not understand why the Lakers passed on Jason Kidd, Baron Davis, and Carlos Boozer...players available during the All Star break. Now Kobe is asking to be traded; after reading the Times, Bryant's decided to shout, "Screw You!" In an interview today on ESPN's, Dan Patrick's show, Bryant was asked if he would consider playing anywhere including an out-post like Atlanta? Bryant replied, "Yes." Some Laker fans think Bryant's outrage is timed to force Buss to hire former General Manager, Jerry West. Such a move would certainly anger current GM, Mitch Kupchak...a close friend of West. Only in Tinseltown can this soap opera continue such an impressive run.