Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Is This The End Of Superman?

Is this the end of Superman? Judging by last night's pitiful performance Shaquile O'Neal is no longer faster than a speeding bullet, nor able to leap tall building at a single bound; For most of his career, Shaq billed himself as the man of steel, but last night, the New Jersey Nets turned him into liquid metal. Shaq could barely get up and down the floor as Jason Kid, Vince Coleman, and Reggie Jefferson ran O'Neal into exhaustion. In the past, Shaq has been a battering ram. Who can forget the carnage reaped on former 76er center, Ditembe Mutombo. After battling Shaq in the paint, Mutombo emerged looking like he had been run over by a diesel. But has the diesel finally run out of gas? One of the game's greatest centers labors up and down the court like a junk truck struggling to get out of its own way. Every now and then, he finds the open road to his liking and cruises to the occasional dominating performance, however those days are now far and few. Now, the Heat prays the old clunker can get them home one more time without the benefit of a costly tow. For coach, Pat Riley, and star guard, Dwayne Wade, the tail pipe is smoking, the old girl is burning oil, and Shaq's great run is finally coming to an end.

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