Sunday, August 01, 2010

Would Madden Have rested Joe Dimaggio?

Tell me: would Rays manager, Joe Madden, have sat down the great Joe DiMaggio during his 56 game hitting streak? Would he have done it to get Gabe Kapler into the line up? These questions come to mind while watching the Rays...particularly when several of their stars are replaced by lesser know players. Let's take slugger, Matt Joyce, whose electrifying bat is one reason the Rays are challenging the Yankees; yet after sparking the team with three impressive home runs plus nine RBI, Joyce was on the bench  Sunday. That's like telling Mickey Mantle after a home run, "Okay pal take a seat; let's see what Gabe Kapler can do;" duh?
What makes this even more compelling, Joyce is a Tampa native; for a team complaining about attendance, how much sense does that make? Call me stupid, but these hot young players get on a roll while Rays fans expect to see them starting only to be disappointed in the end. I mean let's face it who is paying tickets to see Gabe Kapler...a 240 hitter. If the Rays want to increase their fan base, the organization cannot allow Madden to continue tinkering with the roster; furthermore, it's beginning to appear Tampa Bay is winning despite their obstinate manager. For example after trying two consecutive bunts, shortstop, Jason Bartlett, was down in the count 0-2. Bartlett looked for the sign, but he was startled to see the bunt was still on. Following the next pitch, Bartlett struck out trying to sacrifice ;  the Rays, meanwhile, lost an excellent opportunity to blow the game open. This is vintage Joe Maddon always trying to out smart the other guy...even to his own detriment. If this talented team fails to make the playoffs - or the post season opportunity is short lived - the Rays should bench their coach, permanently.
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