Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hurricanes Are A Real Natural Disaster

Its been a long time since hockey has staged a Stanley Cup semi-final with more excitement than the Carolina Hurricanes and the Buffalo Sabers. After so many years of intolerable clutching and grabbing, the NHL went back to the drawing board and outlined a new game full of animation, emotion, as well as thrills. With end to end action, the series showcased earth shattering body checks, miraculous goaltending, plus all star playmaking. It was everything ice hockey was intended to be for only hockey combines the grace of ballet with the danger of stock car racing. For seven games, Buffalo weathered the storm until 8:03 of the third period. That's when Carolina's Mr. Everything, Ron Brinamour, sneaked in front of goaltender, Ryan Miller, and slammed home a rebound for a 3-2 lead; Carolina's, Cam Ward, finally quieted all the saber rattling with his own stellar goaltending. Against Buffalo, Brindamour became the eye of the storm by winning face offs, scoring two game winning goals, and inspiring his teammates with a fiery pre game speech. Before the game, the fiesty veteran admonished his teammates to throw all caution to the wind. In the end, the Canes were a storm that never lost its intensity; but now a real man made disaster looms in the form of an oil slick cascading down from Edmonton. If the Hurricanes slip and slide, rest assure Ron Brindemour will be there to catch them.

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