Saturday, June 03, 2006

World Cup: Don't Bet the Brazilians

Despite a wealth of talent, Brazil faces an uphill climb towards an unprecedented 6th World Cup. No other team boast a squad featuring Roldodino, Ronaldo, and Cafu, but for all their offensive firepower, the Brazilians are backed up by an aging defense. This could bode some problems especially when they face the younger eager African squads. From Rio to the Amazon, the soccer power is expecting nothing less than perfection, and this team is accustomed to the pressure; however, there is an extremely big target on the back of those yellow jerseys; therefore, expect each opponent to try and make a name by beating the cagey South Americans. In this tournament, I think Brazil will be ousted in the second round. The United States, meanwhile, could be the sleeper. The young team advance to the quarterfinals four years ago before losing to the South Koreans. The Americans, nevertheless, are more tournament savvy, have good leadership, plus stellar goaltending. The USA is slowly cultivating a core group of outstanding soccer players who could step up and shock the world. I'm looking for the USA to reach the semi finals. In the end, the host nation, Germany will hoist the World Cup. With all the scandals rocking European officiating, don't bet against it.

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