Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bonus Pick: Giants over Seahawks

This week in the NFL, the Giants travel to Seattle; the Jacksonville Jaguars are in Indianapolis; the Chicago Bears face the Vikings; the Bengals tackle the Steelers; the Bucs face the winless Panthers; and in the Big Easy, its the Falcons against the New Orleans Saints. First I'll handicape the Jaguars and the Colts. Despite home field advantage, I expect the Colts to lose to the Jaguars. Jacksonville will be to physical against the finess team like Indianapolis. Also, receiver, Matt Jones, is too big of a target for opposing defenses to contain, meanwhile Jacksonville's well balance offense will continue to outscore the opposition. The Colts will move the ball, but they should fall short by a field goal. Last week, the Vikings got luckey against the Panthers, but they'll be no such good fortune against the Bears. Like Jacksonville, the creme is coming to the top and in the NFC....its Da Bears! Even with Big Ben back in the lineup, the Cinncinatti Bengals have been anticipating this rematch. Cinncinatti believes they were only a cheap shot away from the Super Bowl. It was a viscious tackle by the Steelers that led to a season ending knee injury to quarterback, Carson Palmer. Expect the Bengals to extract payback Sunday. Meanwhile, the Carolina Panthers have to be chewing on their claws after turning the ball over and allowing the Vikings to tie the game. Minnesota won the game in overtime...The Panthers will get their first win on Sunday albeit it will be against perhaps the NFL's worst team: Tampa Bay. Lightning quick receiver, Steve Smith, should return and give the Panthers a boost. For the Bucs, it's an arduous task just to get into field goal terriorty, furtheremore, many NFL commentators believe Tampa's quarterback, Chris Simms, wouldn't start on a girl's flag football team. Take Carolina to cover. The Giants will be inspired by their come from behind win over the Eagles, and that should propel them to a win over the Seahawks. Although these are too excellent teams, the Giants would have won this game last year; but needless turnovers and penalties allowed Seattle to win. I look for the Giants to play smarter this time and win. Bonus Pick: The Saints will upset the Falcons.

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