Saturday, May 08, 2010

Happy Mothers Day, but?

Tomorrow, major league baseball will celebrate Mothers Day in traditional fashion by having players use pink bats, gloves, as well as pink sweat bands. The real purpose behind this colorful display is breast cancer awareness. By all means, I would like the Susan G. Komen foundation to find a cure; yet the troubling fact is cancer research is fueled by donations and the lions share is gobbled up by breast cancer. This is happening despite the fact prostate cancer kills more men than breast cancer kills women. More importantly, lung cancer kills more women and men than any other form of  cancer. Yet, lung, colorectal, as well as bronchus cancer are greatly underfunded. Conversely, I'm  aware of  the sexual symbolism society attaches to breast, but for every dollar Americans give to breast cancer, they should make an equal pledge to the fight in general against cancer. This is the only way scientist can wage an equitable war against this ravaging disease. With so many love ones dying from all forms of cancer, it just seems disingenuous for professional sports leagues to only focus awareness on breast cancer.

Like General Sherman, the Orlando Magic are torching everything in sight as they march towards an inevitable showdown with the Cleveland Cavaliers; unlike the Cavs, however, the Magic have only faced token opposition from the Charlotte Hornets and the Atlanta Hawks. Both those teams were disorganized posers who let the Magic shoot them into oblivion. As for Cleveland, Shaq looks more like a jester in a clown suit than the agile unstoppable big man dominating the NBA for two decades. With an inevitable  showdown between these two looming  on the horizon my money is on Lebron.

In hockey, its good to see the Montreal Canadians advancing in the Stanley Cup playoffs: those uniforms are the best in sports especially the fashionable red sweater with the blue pants. The Habs march will probably end against the talented Penguins but it's great to see this classy organization back where it belongs fighting for the  Stanley Cup.

Look for my new book, "Call Waiting," this Fall.