Sunday, February 07, 2010

Who Dat Gonna Beat them Saints?

Handicapping Super Bowl XLIV is extremely difficult especially when you consider the early favorite, the Indianapolis Colts. Under general manager, Bill Polian, Indy resembles the Oakland Raiders: a team drafting well enough during the 70's to be competitive, yet hardly a dynasty like their predecessor, the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Raiders would fill the vacuum whenever the Steelers were too injured to truthfully compete. So far unlike the New England Patriots, the Colts do not appear to be a dominant team; but here they are poised to take advantage of the absence of the early season favorites Pittsburgh, New England, and San Diego. It's the way Indy arrived, however, which makes this contest a toss up. Consider the Colts path to the Super Bowl. They vanquished the Ravens who arguably had one of the worst offenses in the league. The Jets, meanwhile, with their anemic scoring touch were never really capable of challenging the quick, yet vulnerable Colt defense. Quarterback, Payton Manning, though, cut through the impregnable New York defense like butter. A coach on the field, Manning gives the Colts their best chance at winning; and when he's hot, Manning can single handily put a game out of reach; but unlike Baltimore and New York, the Saints are a proficient offensive team although they struggled showing it against the Minnesota Vikings. All things considered,I expect Saints running back, Reggie Bush, to have a monster game possibly resulting in MVP consideration. Bush gives New Orleans a significant advantage on special teams; moreover, it's doubtful the Colts porous defense will be able to match up with Bush coming out of the backfield. Despite the offensive prowess of both these clubs, this game may well be decided by special teams. Its very difficult, nevertheless, to bet against Manning especially if the Saints decide to blitz. Perhaps more than anyone in history, Manning disrupts pressure by throwing to his lighting quick receivers flooding vacant terrain; stilll if the Saints offense eats up a lot of clock, Manning may not have enough processions to outscore New Orleans. The huge throng supporting the Saints could also pay huge dividends for a team making its first Super Bowl appearance. Personally, I think the New Orleans Saints have the better offense which should produce an upset.

New Orleans-28 Indianapolis-24