Friday, October 19, 2007

Bucs could be singing blues in Motown

There's an old saying that timing is everything. Unfortunately for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they have to travel to Motown for a game against the well rested Detroit Lions. The giant killer this week could be Lions head coach, Rod Martenelli; As the former defensive coordinator in Tampa, Martinelli has a huge advantage of knowing the Bucs defensive personnel and how to attack it. Furthermore with wide receivers, Braylon Edwards also Calvin Johnson, Lions' quarterback, John Kitna, has the weapons to frustrate Tampa's outstanding defense. On offense, the Buccaneers sole play maker is wide out, Joey Galloway, meanwhile the running game is plodding along with injuries to Cadillac Williams also Michael Pittman. Although quarterback, Jeff Garcia, is effective, he remains hampered by an inconsistent line and ultra conservative play calling. What Tampa lacks in offensive efficiency, they make up in special teams. Their opponents are often facing poor field position because of the superb punting of Jeff Bidwell, meanwhile field goal kicker, Matt Bryant, remains deadly accurate from long range. But knowing Lions' offensive coordinator, Mike Martz, he's studied the game film from the Tampa Bay massacre in Indianapolis. For anyone who says, "Well that's Payton Manning for you." I assure you Mr. Manning will be running for his life in Jacksonville Monday night. The Buccaneers have no pass rush also Ronde Barber is too small to cover Calvin Johnson. The Lions should cover the 2 point spread winning 28-21.
On Monday night, I look for the Colts to make a stand and defeat Jacksonville. As for college football, fortunately the obsession with South Florida is over. The team was very overrated and Rutgers proved the Bulls could hardly beat top ten teams like Oregon, LSU, or South Carolina; let alone monsters such as USC or Ohio State. Sure the Buckeyes looked horrible last year against Florida, but OSU lost all of its edge by being idle for 31 days. Everyone was believing in South Florida because the roster is built on Florida recruits. Well, those boys from the sunshine state got their asses kick by a bunch a guys from a basketball area. Finally, I expect Florida to upset Kentucky.