Sunday, April 23, 2006

Kobe or Michael?

Is it not blasphemy to compare the Laker's, Kobe Bryant, to the legendary Michael Jordan?

After scoring 81 points then dropping 51 twice this year, the inevitable analogies between Jordan and Bryant are being made; but this time, the talk isn't heedless. Although Bryant is every bit of Jordan's equal offensively, Bryant's defense does not yet measure up; Now by no means is Kobe a slouch defensively.

Jordan, however, set the standard with timely steals, rebounds, also tenacious ball hawking. In all fairness to Kobe, Jordan played in a era minus scoring grayhounds like Tracy McGrady, Allan Iverson, Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Duane Wade, and Steve Nash...Anyone of whom can torch the most ardent defender. Jordan contemporaries were Reggie Miller, an aging Magic Johnson, also Clyde Drexler. None these guys possess the consistent scoring touch of today's modern gunners. Consequently, Bryant's 50 could be yesterday's news when Lebron tallies 55.

While Kobe relishes the comparisons to Michael Jordan, Bryant will have to do something only Michael could do: win a championship with an obviously inferior team. Without Shaq, Kobe now has that opportunity, otherwise, he'll just be remembered as another dominant shooting guard.

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Rumour said...

Kobe Bryant exist in an area of 5th yr. college seniors, there are no true great are legends in there prime, this guys are just all-stars from a hype machine, he will never be mentioned in the same breath as jordan, byrd, or johnson.