Sunday, May 07, 2006

Kobe, "You're No Michael Jordan."

To paraphrase the late senator, Lloyd Benson, "I knew Michael Jordan, he was a friend of mine , and son you're no Michael Jordan." Although Benson said those words to vice president, Dan Quayle, the comment rings true today after surveying Saturday's wreckage of the Los Angeles Lakers. Their main conduit, Kobe Bryant, could not elevate his game nor his teammates to victory. Although Bryant has scored 80-points this season followed by six games of 50 or more, he burned out against the Sun's with 24-points . Even if he scored 100, it may not have been enough to stop the Suns from lighting up the scoreboard. Kobe looked out of place inciting the raucous Phoenix crowd to boo him. Unlike Michael, he could not back it up with timely defense or outer worldly shooting. This is what separates Jordan from all the wannabes including Lebron James. Jordan took a rag tag group of players and almost single handily whipped the opposition. Despite his scoring powress, Bryant was outclassed by
the Suns, Leandro Barbosa, 26 points, Boris Diaw, 21, Raja Bell 13, and Steve Nash, 13. Together, they trumped Kobe who only scored one basket in the second half. Kobe Bryant has always assumed that he was the heir apparent to Air Jordan, but Bryant has yet to win a title since Shaquile O'Neal's departure for Miami. Remarkably, Jordan won six NBA titles without a real big man. Unlike Shaq, former Bulls, Bill Carthwright and Luc Longley, will never get close to Hall of Fame consideration. In a bit of irony, Bryant was asked about his war of words with pesky Sun's defender, Raja Bell. Bryant dismissed him by saying, "He can't guard me and I got bigger fish to fry." After game 7, Bell was asked about defending Kobe Bryant, Bell replied, "Huh, I got bigger fish to fry."

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