Saturday, January 03, 2009

"SEC, SEC!" Say What?

As long as college football is content crowning a mythical national champion, you'll always have an SEC team vying for the title. Why? Because talk is cheap, and all the they do is chant, "SEC, SEC." In reality, the best football and football players come out of California. More players on NFL rosters are from the Los Angeles/ Long Beach area then any other locale. Most of the athletes on Utah - who creamed Alabama -are from L.A. Adding insult to injury, The Pac 10 is undefeated in bowl games. So what does that say about the SEC? Well, Stanford, a purely academic institution, has won more National championships than the entire South Eastern conference. USC, for example, earned their reputation by marketing leggy cheerleaders and burying Auburn, Arkansas, as well as Alabama. On national television, no less, USC shut out Auburn in Jordan Hare Stadium; the Trojans scored 70 points against the Razorbacks; meanwhile John Mckay's Trojans had to hammer the Crimson Tide before the late Bear Bryant would recruit black players. The Florida Gators must be taking notes. When USC coach, Pete Caroll, for example, issued his famous mantra, "Hey, we'll play you anytime, your place or mine." The Gators stressed a need to schedule the Citadel rationalizing the SEC conference games were too tough. Well with the exception of Ole Miss, the SEC seems to be vastly overrated. Alabama laid an egg last night, and Oklahoma can't wait to taste some gator meat. I might add the beef might be too tough for the Sooners; SC, however, has a man size appetite. How about a playoff? So, the old Confederacy can finally put up, or shut up.

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