Saturday, January 17, 2009

Regarding Gruden, What Would Troy Aikman Say?

Why should we listen to Troy Aikman? Well a month ago, he said the Philadelphia Eagles would be playing the Arizona Cardinals Sunday for the NFC championship. Aikman also said, "NFL stands for no logic." Looking back on the Tampa Bay Buccaneer's decision to fire coach, John Gruden, Aikman's apprasial makes sense. Some fans in Tampa were demanding Gruden's head on a silver platter. That was based primarily on the vitriol spewing from the mouth of a popular sports talk show host who invested two years berating Gruden. The personality was convinced his good friend, Mike Alstott, would not make the Hall of Fame due to a lack of sufficient playing time. The swarm turned on Gruden; several mediocre Bucs, meanwhile, began leaking their disappointment to the owners. If the Glazers listened to their players, Aikman had this to say, "In cold weather games, I could look at guys coming out of the locker room and tell you who was going to play hard, and who would quit on us." You don't realize, nevertheless, how good a coach Gruden is until you have to play him; and for the Bucs, that could be soon especially if Gruden lands a job with the Jets. Consider this, his complicated ball control offense often limits opponents to fewer than 9 possessions a game. His ability to sign problematic free agents like Michael Pittman, Thomas Jones, Joe Jurevicious, and Antonio Bryant can turn a losing franchise into a contender. Conversely, John Gruden can be his own worst enemy by neglecting the draft while cozying up to veterans at the expense of rookies. In a league valuing experience, the Bucs are turning the franchise over to a former position coach, Raheem Morris. In the no logic league, it makes sense to the Glazers who are preoccupied with their new mistress, Manchester United. The Glazers get another excuse not to spend salary cap money while allowing the franchise to build through the draft. So what would Aikman say, "Well, you really won't know until you look back on this 4-5 years from now." In that time, Gruden, with the right team, may win another Super Bowl." 'The Bucs, meanwhile, could build through the draft and become a legitimate contender." Morris, on the other hand, could be getting a pink slip." In the "No Logic League," it makes sense; but you know what, only time will tell.

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