Monday, June 02, 2008

Would You Vote For This Man?

Besides Barack Obama, another African American is running for a high profile public office; but this one made Magic Johnson look old, played Michael Jordan straight up, and ran circles around Isaiah Thomas. Back in the day, Kevin Johnson was doing all the things we see and rave about in New Orleans Hornets' guard, Chris Paul; but K.J. was quicker also better. Not only could he penetrate and dish, Johnson was also deadly from the perimeter. K.J, however, took his game to new heights by running for mayor of his hometown, Sacramento. In the beginning, the former All Star with a squeaky clean image was thought to be a shoe in until reporters started peering into his past. What they uncovered was nauseating. While in Phoenix, Johnson was accused of fondling a blossoming 16-year old girl. Of course an accusation by a female is something a high profile pro basketball player must live with. Beloved by the Phoenix community, however, K.J, denied the charge and the girl was dismissed as being unstable. Johnson, meanwhile, moved on by retiring in his hometown and establishing a charter school whereby seven of ten minority graduates attend college. Johnson continued his philanthropy by donating to homeless shelters, helping old ladies across the street, even assisting an occasional stranded motorist. Life was good until another young teenager alleged that Johnson was caressing her breast while embracing her. In Sacramento, Johnson's challenger incumbent Mayor, Heather Fargo, made sure these allegations were posted all over the blogosphere, newspapers, also radio. Sacramento police refused to press charges and Johnson said the girl's words were twisted by the teacher. The bad press has made K.J, the underdog in this month's election; yet, the confident unflappable 42-year old still knows how to get his shot don't be surprised if more young girls are looking up to K.J.

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