Saturday, June 14, 2008

Raze the Trop?

After attending the Rays game last night, I finally decided to put in my own two cents on a new stadium in St. Petersburg, Fl. Like most people, I've seen my share of Rays games at the Trop, and the place didn't seem so bad; Yet, last night was different. I came away feeling the Houston Astrodome gave birth to a flop house.
I know baseball is a numbers game, but you would need a floor plan to figure out what happens when a ball hits the D-ring, an O-ring, a catwalk, a water heater, a furnace or whatever else that isn't tied down to the floor. I know the Trop supporters howl, "Well the place can't be all that bad: its air conditioned," and I reply, "So is an ice cream truck." For so long, I believed Tropicana Field looked like a good place to play baseball because the Rays were so bad; you couldn't imagine them playing in Childs Park, let alone a half way decent ball park. The Rays, nevertheless, have finally become a big league team, meanwhile its embarrassing to see them playing in what amounts to a dive. The roof, for example, resembles a hot air balloon; I've seen better carpets in hostels; and the luxury boxes, well lets just say we aint got nothing on the high school footballs stadiums in West Texas. The next time you go to Tropicana Field take a look at what they're calling a restaurant overlooking center field. Honestly, they would save us all a little shame if they just brought in a roach coach: catering truck for those of you who are not from California. When pitching sensation, David Price, arrives next year, the Rays could very easily win the American League pennant; but hosting the World Series at Tropicana Field would be akin to asking the Pope to preach in a storefront. Now, I'm sure the Holy Father would oblige, but I doubt he would come back.
With so many exciting players, it looks like the Rays have finally escaped the cellar; but to become true contenders, they'll have to raze that roof.

God bless you Tim Russert, you were God's gift to journalism: insightful, humble, honest, and full of integrity. Now that you're in heaven, I wonder who'll be your first guest on "Meet the Press."

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