Sunday, November 18, 2007

What's the matter with Kansas?

Can anyone take this college football season seriously? The rash of upsets combined with the interchanging of numbers one, two, also three have turned college football into a joke. So whose really number #1: LSU? They lost to Kentucky while needing a miracle to beat Florida. What's the matter with Kansas? For one, they built their impressive record against teams with a combined record of 5-29. As for Oklahoma, not even Julie Andrews can take them seriously considering the whipping Texas Tech gave the Sooners. More than likely, Oklahoma may rebound and beat Kansas or Missouri in the Big Eight championship. LSU, furthermore, could lose to a surging Georgia or Tennessee in the Southeastern Championship final. That could leave us watching West Virginia against Ohio State in the pseudo National Championship game. Having computers also sportswriters pick the two best teams to play for a title is turning college football into a farce. A freak show violating the spirit of Title IX. A landmark decision mandating continued expansion of athletic opportunities for the underrepresented gender. The NCAA offers a playoff system for all of its sports except football. Unless college football implements a playoff, no one will take the national championship game anymore seriously than the Meineke Car quest Bowl, or whatever its called.
This week in the NFL, no one wants to lay claim to the to the NFC South. Tampa Bay can't win on the road; the Saints' defense is full of holes; the Falcons are plain bad; and Carolina can no longer depend on an aging Steve Smith; however in Green Bay take the Panthers and the points. I like Atlanta to continue its surge against Tampa. The San Diego Chargers will win in Jacksonville.

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