Friday, November 02, 2007

For now, take the Colts

This week in the NFL, the Indianapolis Colts may win the battle, but the Patriots will ultimately win the war. Its only the regular season, and the defending champions should defend their home turf, but in the playoffs, a healthy New England should prevail easily. With a front line of nose guard, Butch Wilfolk, also Richard Seymour, the Pats are clearly the best team in the National Football League. Notice, I didn't even mention, the great free safety, Rodney Harrison. The Colts, furthermore, have more to play for. The last thing Indy wants is traveling to New England for a playoff match up in the dead of winter. This thought alone will incentivize them to play their butts off. Take the Colts in this classic match up of unbeaten teams. As for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, what a difference a week makes. This team was 3-1 two weeks ago and now they're spiraling out of contention. Will anything change this week? the Jaguars only threw the ball seven times and still won; something unheard of in the pass happy NFL. Granted, Arizona has better receivers than Jacksonville, so expect the Cardinals to take advantage of Tampa's struggling defense. Take the Cardinals and the points. In Tennessee, the Carolina Panthers should prevail over the Titans, meanwhile the Saints will cover the spread while handily defeating the Jacksonville Jaguars. New Orleans is well on its way to coming back and winning this division.


Clancy Dixon said...

Bucs will win.

YAMAMOTA said...

The Bucs should hire Marty Schatenheimer.