Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Darrent Williams: Pro Athletes and Gangsta Rap

Its becoming all too clear pro athletes partying with gangsta rappers is a volatile cocktail. On New Year's eve, the Denver Broncos' 24-year old starting corner back, Darrent Williams, was gunned down a few blocks away from a popular Denver night club: the Shelter. The New Year's eve social gathering was held in conjunction with a birthday party for the Denver Nuggets, Kenyon Martin.
According to police, a confrontation erupted between Williams' entourage and another group in attendance. This group may have consisted of some rappers also their Disc Jockey. Williams was not thought to have been an instigator, only a bystander; however his past affiliation with gangsta rappers is well documented. This violent episode coincides with another shooting at the University of Pittsburgh. Several of their basketball players were shot when a man thought a player was coming on to his alleged girlfriend. Professional athletes are accustomed to being the toast of the party, nevertheless this perception is starting to be routinely challenged by hoodlums, rappers, or anyone else seeking the limelight. The competition for women, particularly the gold-diggers and hoes, frequenting these sets can set off a deadly explosion resulting in a carnage of fatalities. Consider the ingredients: booze, male ego, and the allure of sex can make any high strung male risk everything for a tenuous one night stand. The women know which night spots are frequented by athletes and rappers. These affairs are high stakes opportunities to meet gorgeous women of all races. Unfortunately, it's turning into a life and death battle for African American males who are rapidly becoming the sexual role model and preference for many women. Congratulations brothers; Jack Johnson would proud; but if you want to keep it real, let the hotties know, they're not worth dying for.

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