Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Boise State ain't Gator Bait.

So Gators, what does this prove: absolutely nothing. Florida's lopsided win over Ohio State is almost as laughable as the system that created a mythical champion; and judging by the television ratings, no else is buying it. The tightly contested Orange Bowl between underdog Boise State and Oklahoma experienced a 27 percent drop in ratings. That translates into 27 million less viewers than last year. The Sugar and other nameless bowls saw their numbers drop also. It seems to suggest that no one is buying the theory a National Championship can be won using computers, sportswriters, and coaches. After not playing for nearly two months, did you really expect Ohio State to play to its potential. Now maybe OSU coach, Jim Tressel, will join Florida's, Urban Myer, in calling for a playoff. It would have been nice to see who would emerge from a pool of Florida, LSU, Boise State, and USC. The NCAA does it for every other sport ; why not do it for the biggest money maker of all. My hat goes off to Florida, but are they really better than LSU or USC? Americans are right in tuning out these bowls. Now if the NCAA really cares about the regular season, the only undefeated team left standing is Boise State, therefore the Broncos are the real national champions.
As for the National Football League, I like the the Colts to upset the Ravens. Despite Baltimore's record, the Titans were right in giving up on quarterback, Steve McNair, and the Colts should exploit his declining skills. The San Diego Chargers should eke out a close win over the ageless Patriots. The Philadelphia Eagles are peeking at the right time and they'll defeat the Saints, but this one will be close. Finally, the Chicago Bears will win one more game before hibernating for the winter....Happy New Year Football Fans.

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