Monday, December 27, 2010

Will Dwight Howard Follow Shaq Out of Town?

The year was 1996 and Shaq had to weigh an offer to stay in Orlando, or move to the glamorus Hollywood Hills. We know the ending to that story: in the prime of his career, Shaq turned down a boatload of Amway money for the Los Angeles Lakers. Now years later, all the Gilbert Arenas and Hedo Turkuglos may not be able to put Dwight Howard back together again in a Magic uniform. Howard will be in the same free agent class as savy, Chris Paul, or possibly Carmelo Anthony; therefore don't be surprise if they act like a cartel in seeking the higest bidder. Despite what you may think, Lebron James and Chris Bosch set a dangerous new precedent when they collaborated with D.Wade to join Miami Heat. For James, money wasn't the object; like most athletes nowadays, he commands far more in endorsements than salary. hence an organization like Nike can influence where he goes; as far as the shoe maker is concern, "JUST Do IT" means just win titles baby. So go figure; if Melo lands in the Big Apple and Paul follows him there, Howard could be the missing piece in a mega superstar advertising market like basketball starved New York. Magic general manager, Otis Smith, is to be commended for trying everything within reason to convince Howard to stay; but Arenas looks past his prime, Turgolu can't play defense, and Howard is more exposed since backup Martin Gortat was traded away. It will take General Patton's army to stop the Heat from winning the East or a team consisting of Melo, Paul, or well you add in the next name.

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