Saturday, December 13, 2008

Take the Freight Train to Charlotte, NC

Last week, the Carolina Panthers used zone blocking to knock the Tampa Bay Buccaneers silly en route to a 38-23 triumph. Carolina imported the scheme last year when they hired former Bronco offensive line coach, Jeff Davidson. Although its taken the Panthers a year to get use to the system, everything came together Monday night. Facing the renown Tampa 2, the Panther tandem of Deangelo Hall and Jonathan Stewart, resembled a runaway freight train colliding into defenseless pedestrians. If this were a boxing match, the fight would have been stopped solely on the number of knockdowns. Only Buccaneer, Ronde Barber, admitted the Panthers were younger, stronger, and more than likely headed to the Super Bowl. Unfortunately for the Bucs, an encore is waiting in Atlanta. Although the Falcons do not employ zone blocking, they will still stampede past an aging yet stubborn, Derrick Brooks, and company. Bettors should take the Falcons to cover the three point spread. As for the Carolina Panthers, everyone is realizing this powerful club is young; yet they play down to the level of their competition. In games against, Chicago, Detroit, also Oakland, the Panthers struggled before putting away their adversaries. Carolina should beat Denver; they will, however, not cover the spread. The Dallas Cowboys will win outright against the Giants, and the Cowboys, not New York, will emerge as the lone team capable of derailing that freight train scorching out of Charlotte.

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