Sunday, November 09, 2008

Barack Obama

Perhaps Tina Davis said it best, "Who do you want, the stodgy old white guy, or the young smart black one." Nothing against old white guys; but Mrs. Davis is from Bristol Township, PA an area voting overwhelmingly for Senator, Hillary Clinton, during the Democratic Primary. It was also a small town that Barack Obama was making reference to when he said, "Working class Americans cling too much to their guns and religion." Obama was mystified why his message of an egalitarian society wasn't resonating with poor whites in the rural sectors of Pennsylvania plus Ohio. Just the fact they would vote against a candidate representing their economic interest was baffling to him. Obama, nevertheless, ignored the conscious-stricken history of a region where William Levitt built a series of small towns where he refused to sell homes to African Americans. Senator, John McCain, anticipated many of these townships would not vote for a black man; he was wrong. Obama's margin of victory in rural PA was 2-1. I've always believed America has never really received credit for it's racial tolerance. Fortunately growing up as African American, I realized capitalism couldn't afford to discriminate. If a person can get to work on time and remain drug free, it doesn't matter if she's black or white, that individual will more than likely be promoted. Of course there are exceptions to any generality, yet this is the only solid premise a young person can hope for. America now has moved on and in the future there will be female, Hispanic, Native American, and Asian presidents.For the meantime, Barack Obama has proved all things are possible.

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