Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gruden and Darth Vader?

Apparently the dark side has possessed Bucs' coach, John Gruden; I swear, his latest tantrum is so Darth Vader. One of my favorite scenes from the "The Empire Strikes Back" was played out in real life following the Bucs defeat in New Orleans. In the film, the captain of the Death Star reports to Lord Vader that young Luke Skywalker has escaped. Vader replies, "You have failed me." The skipper drops dead, and Vader counsels his startled Lieutenant not to make the same mistake. I don't know if veteran quarterback, Jeff Garcia, is a Star Wars junkie; but he certainly understands the feeling of being made the scapegoat for a disappointing lost. Granted, Garcia played poorly; however, he was no worse than Ronde Barber, Aquib Talib, or the invisible man: Gaines Adams.
Now, Brian Griese must assume the reins of a slothful offense lacking play makers, intelligent design, and swagger. If you watched week one of the NFL, it's hard to believe Tampa Bay is better than the Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, or the Carolina Panthers: Four teams the Bucs will face during the next five weeks. If Tampa is lucky, they'll beat the Falcons Sunday; otherwise "All Hell is going to break loose." John Gruden, meanwhile, and his out of touch GM, Bruce Allen, must be held accountable for these "God Awful" draft picks. The latest disaster is this wimp, Dexter Jackson. His idea of returning a punt is falling down at the slightest hint of being tackled. After complaining about a lack of quality receivers, the Bucs by-passed Texas' Linus Sweed, plus Michigan's Mario Manningham. To make matters worse, we learn Tampa Bay actually scored more points under Coach, Tony Dungy, than Gruden. Now, I wonder if Dungy would have opted not to dress explosive running back, Michael Bennett, for the game against the Saints. The poor draft picks, keeping Michael Bennett on the bench, and changing quarterbacks after one game are just several crack head decisions made by Gruden. The coach better hope the Falcons aren't for real; otherwise to quote Darth Vader, "You've got some explaining to do, Captain."

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