Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bruins Ready to claim their Destiny.

The economy may be in shambles; but life is slowly returning back to normal when UCLA is winning basketball championships while USC dominates college football. Both schools have won more national championships then the Southeastern Conference, Big East, and the Big Ten combined. The Bruins celebrated their 100th national title last year, and they would love to hang another banner in Pauley Pavilion this season. Stanford University, meanwhile, is second with 94, followed by USC with 84. The next closet competitor is Oklahoma State with 48. Three of the top four schools are in California. USC, furthermore, will have 8 potential first round draft picks in this year's NFL draft. Despite those losses, the Trojans are still the consensus number 1 pick in college football this season. Despite all this success,
laid back Southern Californians are not ones to boast. They assume the rest of nation realizes the best athletes thrive under the California Sun. Despite UCLA's athletic prowess, nevertheless, Xavier was laying it on thick about how they planned to shut down the Bruins' guard tandem of Darren Collison also Russell Westbrook. Yet all the X-Men did was shoot enough bricks to join the masonry union. UCLA blew out Xavier after sleep walking against Texas AM plus Western Kentucky. Now the second best player in the tournament, Kevin Love, will try and carry UCLA to their 12th National title. Only Kansas, North Carolina, and Memphis stand in the way of glory.

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