Monday, August 13, 2007

Are Rams Ready To Explode?

The Rams opening season game against the Carolina Panthers could spur either team to a playoff berth. For example, the Rams will follow that meeting with showdowns against Arizona, also Tampa Bay. Conceivably, St. Louis could be 3-0 heading into a clash against the Dallas Cowboys. The Rams, furthermore, can depend on a healthy right tackle Orlando Pace while the left side will be manned by Alex Barron. With quarterback, Marc Bulger, wide receivers, Issac Bruce, also, Drew Bennett, the Rams will score plenty of points. More importantly, the recent acquisition of punt returner, Dante Hall, could potentially give the Rams consistent field position. During their last six games, the Rams scored 165 points, and that's certainly going to give defensive coordinators nightmares. St. Louis' defense, however, feel asleep last year by ranking 31st against the run and 22nd against the pass...not good news for a team facing Steve Smith and the Carolina Panthers on opening day. In the mediocre NFC, this match up rates as the game of the week, but bettors can expect the Panthers to prevail on the road.

Rating the Rams
Offensive Line (A)
Special Teams (B+)
Defense (C)
Projected Finish 10-6

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