Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lightning looking for Jesus

The Tampa Bay Lightning is looking for a miracle goal keeper. In fact, they're looking for Jesus. According to coach, John Tortarella, his team needs a goalie who can stop any puck heading towards the net. Unfortunately, this coach has forgotten that playoff hockey is won by fore checking, stick checking, and cleaning out bodies in front of the net. Far too often, the Lightning defensemen can be seen backpedaling into net minder, Johan Holmquist, sometimes knocking him out of position. With the exception of forward Andre Roy, Vinny Lecavalier, Shane Obrien, and Marty St. Louis, the rest of the players rarely touch the streaking Devils with anything more than a glancing tag. Until Friday when the Devils went into their infamous trap, New Jersey was almost out
shooting Tampa 2-1. With the failure of the defensemen to clear the net, Holmquivst, is having to make saves on his back. Meanwhile, the Devils just skate in unmolested and get good shots on goal. Someone needs to tell Torterella that Jesus isn't coming back to save the Lightning.

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