Saturday, March 24, 2007

Oh Devil Rays, Knock, Kock?

Knock, Knock, anyone home? When it comes to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, nobody answers: meaning no one's held accountable. Now we learn slugger, Josh Hamilton, is batting .440 for the Cincinnati Reds, moreover he'll probably make the opening day roster. The same Josh Hamilton who was a first round pick also projected starter for Tampa. Hamilton suffered numerous drug relapses before finally turning his life around and playing in the Rays farm system. He was well on his way to a comeback before a knee injury side tracked him. Last year, the Rays placed the North Carolina native on waivers. The Reds took a chance, and Hamilton is paying off in huge dividends. The silly thing about this transaction is the Rays kept Hamilton despite his relapses. Why on earth would they put him on waivers when the club had already endured through so much turmoil? It makes about as much sense as two people getting a divorced after fifty years of marraige. Hello, is anyone home? A club filled with restless young players still lacks veteran leadership, furthermore in the American League East, the Rays know the season is over before it starts. The manager, John Madden, refuses to challenge the club because he recognizes no one cares about winning here; so why should he. Major league baseball should consider doing what some minor league affiliations do. If a triple A club does not remain competitive, it is reclassified as a double A team. Perhaps, that's the only way to send the Rays back to the minors...knock, knock!

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