Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tim Hardaway, don't worry you're too ugly.

Former basketball all-star, Tim Hardaway, was banned by the NBA for making very disparaging remarks about gays. Kudos for NBA commissioner, David Stern. First of all, how can African Americans disassociate themselves from the plight of homosexuals. Consider, it was just sixty years ago blacks were the group to hate. For example, 14-year old, Megar Evers, was beat to death for whistling at an attractive white woman. African Americans, moreover, were ridiculed, discriminated against, and segregated from society. His constitutional rights, well the KKK uses it to encouraged hatred against blacks, the Skinheads hide behind it to promote racism against Jews, and the Aryan Nation uses it to promote sexism against women. Stern, meanwhile, was just taking the necessary precautions to protect his league from a man whose vitriolic comments aligned him with racists. Hardaway said that he was homophobic and hated gays. He, furthermore, stated he would feel uncomfortable dressing in front of a homosexual. As for perversion, more heterosexuals molest and rape children than gays, and as ugly as Tim Hardaway is, he shouldn't worry about any man or woman checking him out.

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